Fruitcake.  It used to be a Christmas delicacy, then a Christmas classic.  Is it still?  Not so much,,,a survey found that only about 11% of us enjoy fruitcake.  So what kind of cake do we like?  Stay with me...

It seems we (people) are comparing kinda creatures.  Keeping up appearances, keeping up with the Joneses, envy as a deadly sin, the truths about our constant comparisons and desires are everywhere.  They range from what we wear, drive, where we live, what we eat (cake), and what we simply have to have! Think "top ten" lists comparing and ranking just about any kind of topics you can think of.

What's Trending on Google?

The comparison process has generated the concept of "trending" on social media as we check in (often) to compare ourselves and our interests to others.  It must be exhausting to be plugged into that hamster wheel.  I don't live that way but I do find observing the process to be interesting which leads me to this:

Have you heard someone described as "wanting to have their cake (not fruitcake) and eat it too?"  It means you can't use/consume something and keep it in its original/pristine state at the same time. That seems fairly logical does it not?

So, let's combine these concepts of comparisons, trending, and cake and see what we get.

America's Favorite Cake Flavors

The Shane Company did the comparison (based on trending) and recently posted the results online as to which state loves what cake flavor best!  (see, it all comes together)

"When putting all of the data together, we found that the most popular cake in the U.S. is ice cream cake, according to 10 U.S. states. Close behind is strawberry cake, most beloved by seven U.S. states, followed by molten lava cake, coming out on top for five U.S. states".

The graphic tells the story ( thanks Shane Co.) and the fine print reveals Washington State's favorite cake is also the nation's favorite - Ice Cream Cake!  Does that match up with your tastes?  Neighbor Oregon agrees with us while Idaho leans pumpkin spice. (do Idahoans not eat cake in the Spring and Summer?)

And how about this..."Sponge" cake, as in a sponge soaking up and absorbing all in its path is preferred by hard-left states California, New York, and President Biden's Deleware. Coincidence? A bit of a stretch? Amusing!

What Is Your Favorite Cake?

Infographic showing the most popular cake flavor in every U.S. state

So with the holiday season well underway, might we suggest that you don't bring a fruitcake when invited to someone's home to dine. Instead, bring an ice cream cake and be assured of a much better reception than say, the former Queen of France.
“Let them eat cake” is "a phrase famously attributed in 1789 to Marie Antoinette, the Queen of France during the French Revolution. ... With this callous remark, the Queen became a hated symbol of the monarchy which fueled the French revolution and ultimately led to her (literally) losing her head a few years later."

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