Lots of folks make New Year’s resolutions to improve diet and lose weight.  All of you may find this interesting. I myself am working out with a trainer and have use of the services of a nutritionist thru a testimonial deal with Achieve Health & Fitness and so far it’s going great.  The extra focus on healthy eating has me on the lookout for the kind of information recently reported in the Daily Mail.

Researchers from Japan's National Institute for Physiological Sciences say if you just can't resist carb cravings it might really not be your fault.

They say they have figured out the exact neurons in the brain that drive cravings for carbs and decrease your appetite for fats-- in mice. They found mice who had the neurons activated ate high-carbohydrate foods at a rate of three times the mice under normal conditions, and the "activated" mice also reduced by half their intake of high-fat foods.

Ok. That’s mice but what of men…and women?

Researchers say people who eat sweets too much when stressed tend to blame themselves for being unable to control their impulses. The theory is that if dieters knew the desires are because of the neurons', they might not be so hard on themselves and might find their way more quickly back to self control.

Hey, I feel better already!

Researchers say this was the first study to show the brain plays a role in the preference for carbs or fats.


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