Thousands of ballots were voted this General Election. Here are the results from Yakima County as of Election Night with 55,000, or 48 percent, of the ballots in.

City of Yakima Advisory Vote No. 1

Yakima voters sent a clear message about the downtown plaza. The advisory vote was 69 percent saying NO to building a plaza.

Yakima County Commissioner

The Yakima County Commissioners have a new member of the three commissioner team. Voters gave thumbs up to Grandview Mayor Norm Childress in Tuesday's election. Childress replaces longtime commissioner Rand Elliot in District 3 who decided not to run for re-election.

Childress, a Republican is currently serving his 14th year as mayor of Grandview after 12 years on the Grandview City Council -- he beats his Democrat challenger Susan Soto Palmer, 64 percent to 35 percent.

Yakima County Sheriff

Yakima County has a new sheriff. Voters elected Robert Udell to fill the position after current Sheriff Brian Winters decided not to run for re-election after being diagnosed with ALS.

Udell, who was endorsed by Winter, is a life-long resident of Yakima County and a 28-year veteran of the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office.  He currently serves as Chief Civil and Chief Criminal Deputy but now his office will change to become the Sheriff. Udell beat his challenger Nolan Wentz 61 to 37 percent.

Yakima County Clerk

Yakima County has a new clerk. Voters picked Tracey Slagle to replace longtime clerk Janelle Riddle. Slagle spent 24 years in the County Clerk’s Office with 18 years in leadership positions. Before running for the Clerk position she says she served in all areas of the Clerk’s Office including the Courtrooms. Slagle was the top choice of voters in the 76 percent to Riddle's 22 percent.

Yakima County Coroner

Will incumbent coroner Jack Hawkins be back on the job?  Too close to call as Hawkins and his challenger Jim Curtice each hold 49 percent of the vote.



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