What if you totally spaced and forgot to register to vote in time for today's election?

Inquiring minds want to know if you can register to vote today (November 6th) and vote in this primary election?

I called the Yakima County Auditor's Office (509-574-1340) to find out the answer.

My expected wait time was about two minutes, but I was on hold for longer than that (as can be expected; it is after all, Election Day)!

Finally, someone came to the phone line! Yay!

She asked me if I could please hold. Booo!

That's okay, I am fine waiting on hold because this is a VERY important question and I want to bring you the answer!

I wasn't on hold much longer, thank goodness. The friendly voice on the other end of the phone informed me that it is TOO LATE to register to vote for this primary election (the deadline was October 29th). She said anyone who needs to register to vote can go online to the My Vote Washington website and be able to vote in the next election.

By the way, since Washington state does not hand out those free "I Voted" stickers, I made up my own and will be passing them out downtown at the Courthouse after 1:30pm! The Yakima County Auditor's office said that as long as I am farther than 25 feet away from the Courthouse entrance, I can pass out my stickers without fear of arrest! HA!

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