Washingtonians were asked to weigh in on four statewide initiatives, including environmental taxation, police training, changes in gun ownership and purchasing and the prohibition of local taxation on grocery items.

The votes on these issues point out the clear philosophical differences between the people on the east and west side of the state.

In Yakima county I-940, Deadly Force Standards and Training, failed 52 to 47 percent, but was passing statewide 60 to 40 percent.

I-1631, Establishing a carbon fee and gas tax to fund environmental programs -- distasteful to Yakima County voters at 73 to 26 percent NO. But even statewide voters weren't buying the idea of another tax, with 55 percent voting no to 45 percent voting yes..

I-1634 Where the Yes Vote means No on local grocery taxes, in Yakima County, 70 percent of voters said hands off their groceries, adding to a statewide total of 55 percent saying yes to banning local jurisdictions having grocery taxing authority.

And I-1639, the gun ownership and purchase changes, didn't fare well in Yakima County's gun country, losing 57 to 42 percent. But the anti-gun sentiment in other parts of the state pushes the total to 61 percent yes and 38 percent voting no. Will it hold up in court? That remains to be seen.

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