Yakima will have a plaza downtown in the near future. That's because The Yakima Central Plaza committee has announced that it has reached $9 million in private funding contracts for the construction of the Yakima Central Plaza, with additional pledges and contracts still coming into the city. The Yakima City Council required that the Yakima Central Plaza committee reach the $9 million in private funding contracts by December 31, 2017.

“We are thrilled that so many have joined together to help us reach our $9 million goal,” said Yakima Central Plaza committee member John Baule. “Every donation has been a crucial part of this project, and the committee would like to thank each person, organization and business who has contributed to this important project for the future of Yakima.” Baule says they'll present a package of the final funding contracts to the Yakima City Council next Tuesday night at city hall.

The $9 million comes from more than 450 individuals, companies and organizations in Yakima and beyond.

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