Critical Race Theory (CRT) is just what is's a "theory"...not a collection of academic exercise in "what if". But that doesn't mean it should be shrugged off as much ado about nothing. The government, military and corporate America are all being influenced by CRT and more and more.

Not a lot of people who are pushing CRT concepts are being up front about where it comes from and what their ultimate goals are.  In education, they say the are just trying to teach an accurate picture of history and determine how our past affects us today.

Not everyone is buying that, as demonstrated by the parental pushbacks occurring at school board meetings around the Country and by pre-emptive legislation being passed in a number of  states to preclude the teaching of CRT in public schools.

In Washington State there is some uncertainty about CRT as pointed out by the Tri-Cities Newspaper, "Contrary to a surge of misinformation online, there is no new law requiring Washington state public schools to adopt the controversial “critical race theory” curriculum....This point needs to be made clear....The law that was approved last April by the Legislature and Gov. Jay Inslee requires a professional training day for school district staff that focuses on topics such as diversity, equity and inclusion."

The Tri-Cities editorial says "The truth is not nearly as threatening as people are being led to believe."  Granted, a bear chewing on you leg is more fearful than a bear across the yard headed your way with a hungry look on its face.  But getting away from the first and preventing the approach of the second both seem like pretty good ideas.

The legislation says (i haven't read the bill) that local school boards will have a choice over how this new requirement is met.  If that brings you piece you have more faith in your school board than I do.

14th District State representative Chris Corry of Yakima voted NO on the bill and he stopped by to tell us why and what to watch for.



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