Home sweet home. It means something different to each individual. It may mean a state of mind, or it may refer to a specific country, state, or city. Home sweet home might be your childhood dwelling, chock full of fond memories.

Homes can come in all shapes and sizes. Houses, apartments, condominiums, RVs, mobile homes, yurts, tree houses, and maybe even your car. It's sort of like - where ever your stuff is - that's home. Unless, of course, you're storing your stuff in a mini-storage. Spoiler alert: you can't live there.

Is it Legal in Washington State to Live in a Mini Storage Unit?

In a word, no. Storage units are solely intended for the purpose of storing stuff. Personal stuff, commercial stuff, your favorite stuffed animal, but not you. There may also be fines and penalties you'd have to pay if you're caught pitching a tent in the storage unit.

Washington State law prohibits the personal occupation of a storage unit as a dwelling. There are many reasons why, but the obvious is that it's not safe or healthy. These units were not built to code for use as a dwelling and as such, may not provide proper ventilation, heating, air conditioning, plumbing, and in some cases electricity.


Affordable Alternatives for Small Living Spaces in Washington

Many people are having a hard time making ends meet. Housing is expensive and we're seeing an increased incidence of homelessness in our state. This is perhaps why so many people attempt to give it a go - living in a storage facility where they've had to temporarily park their belongings. There are, however, alternatives to breaking the law and living in a box.

Booking.com's "Tiny House With Big Personality" Curated By Kevin Hart
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Tiny Homes have become more and more popular. Tiny homes are small homes that are typically less than 400 square feet and designed to be affordable and eco-friendly. It's kind of like living in a storage unit with windows and other creature comforts. You do need a patch of land to place it on but many designs feature compostable toilets and solar-powered everything. You could live off the grid and avoid prison all in one whack.

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