How do you accurately & responsibly depict the moon landing of Neil Armstrong and not include the planting of the American flag?  Easy.  You jettison accuracy and responsibility for "globalistic artistic license" and flat just leave it out.
The year was 1969, July 20 to be exact (just 26 days before Woodstock) and had the movie been made then it most definitely would have featured the American flag as a symbol of America's energy, effort, ingenuity & sacrifice.
But this is 2018 and we're not in Kansas anymore.
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So, was the moon mission a gift to humanity or was it an example and celebration of American capability?  Which reflects the  history of the times?

Hollywood has taken to revising history from time to time and this is one of those times.  The movie isn't even out yet and a lot of Americans are offended by the decision not to include one of the most iconic images of the moon landing.

An article in the Patriot Post  has the Canadian actor playing Armstrong, Ryan Gosling, saying the movie eliminated the flag because America’s feat “transcended countries and borders” and that it wasn’t so much an American accomplishment as a “human achievement.”

Nice try.   The achievement was indeed an American triumph and there is no shame in recognizing and celebrating the unprecedented accomplishment!

“That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” - those were the words spoken by Armstrong as he historically stepped down on to the lunar surface and in that one moment, anyone anywhere who had ever looked up at the yellow light in the night sky and dared to to dream cheered as a universal dream came true  — but with feet firmly planted on lunar dust, the next step for the "FirstMan" was to plant the American flag - not to claim the world's moon for America but to proclaim to the world that American capability put us there - first.

From my perspective - there ain't nuthin' wrong with that!

It's true that Pride Goeth Before A Fall, but it's also true that confidence and accomplishment flows from an accurate assessment of self.  America did it, Americans did it, Neil Armstrong did it.  So where's the flag?

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