⛸️Think of any Lifetime-original or Hallmark Christmas movie.

Any will do, they're all basically the same. You probably thought of a small-town girl wearing red, some business-minded man in a green sweater, and the girl teaching the well-groomed man how to ice skate. Was I close?

Valley Mall Will Have a ‘Winter Wonderland’ Ice Rink This Holiday Season

Anyways, that romantic dream will soon be a reality as this year Valley Mall is going to have an ice rink available for individuals and families.

Not just an ice rink, but a full-blown winter wonderland setting, right in the Valley Mall parking lot.

Maria Moroz
Maria Moroz

Look out for the outdoor skating rink in the parking lot by the new Fuji buffet restaurant on South 1st, by Old Town Road in Union Gap.

Valley Mall management and Apple Valley News Now reported that along with an outdoor ice rink Valley Mall is planning on bringing:

  • Live Music

  • Fire Pit

  • Christmas Tree Farm

You never know what other tricks Valley Mall has up their sleeves. Tickets are slated to by less than $15.

This is a great location and great addition to what Valley Mall already does for the holidays with Santa, the Hickory Farms booth and everything else they do to make Christmas a little brighter for those of us here in the Yakima Valley.


People ice skating on the ice rink in winter.

Look out for this ice rink and winter wonderland setting on November 17th through the end of the Christmas holidays. I could see this becoming a new standing tradition for Valley Mall for years to come.

Who knows, if it becomes super popular, maybe they'll move the ice rink to inside the mall like Lloyd Center Mall in Portland has? Probably not, but this will work for now.

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