Do you have a favorite grocery store?

I try to mix it up when shopping in Yakima. I like stopping by Wray's when I just need a few things. I'll find myself at Safeway for things I know they have on the shelf. If I'm stocking up my fridge I may opt for WinCo. I love visiting Rosauers and Fred Meyers when I can, though they're a little out of the way. Lots of stores in town to pick from. You may even find me shopping for oxtails and carne asada at Fiesta Foods. listed the best grocery store of each state. Do you agree with these picks?

What are listed as the best grocery stores on the West side of the United States?

Washington - Costco

Costco Posts Strong Quarterly Earnings
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Did you know Costco is from Washington? Yep! First opened in Seattle in 1983. You go to Costco when you never have to ask yourself 'do I have enough plastic bags? Oh yeah, I bought enough for a nuclear winter' type of place. Buy in bulk, saves in the long run. Though you do need to pay for a membership, it's worth it to most to shop at Costco as you definitely get your money back. They also have other things your membership offers like prescription services and even a gas station. The food court is where it's at for me, though to buy something in the food court you don't need to be a member (as of writing this, anyways).
And don't get anyone started on the pumpkin pie during the holidays. According to many, it's the best.

Oregon - New Seasons Market

Say it with me on the count of 3.
I've never heard of this place. Though I only find myself in Portland probably twice a year, I can swear I've never heard of this place or even seen it on any corner. I probably blinked and drove past it or was looking at whatever else weird on the other side of the street. They say they have about 20 locations around Portland.
This place does sound great, though, highlighting local area product and hormone-free meats. Fun!

California - Trader Joe's

John Riggs, Townsquare Media
John Riggs, Townsquare Media

Yay! Trader Joe's! I could have seen this being first place in Washington as well as there are several locations on the west side of the state. I love to visit Trader Joe's when I can just to see what's on the shelf. Some unique items and local produce that keeps people coming back. It feels like a store from the 70s or early 80s without any intercom announcements (though they do ring a bell sometimes).

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