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Tell Me About Your Anger

First up for doctor Dave, a psychologist's look at "anger issues."

I studied psychology in college a while back....ok, it was a long while back but even in the stone age, we learned that anger is a secondary emotion, meaning it usually masks another feeling that needs to be dealt with.

CNN is reporting (and if anybody needs a psychologist it's CNN) that rather than expressing what you might feel is justified anger, consider leaving the situation and enjoying nature or performing a breathing exercise and then take two steps:

1.) First, list the consequences of angry behaviors and think long-term if you want to be an angry person.

2.)Next, deal with what is really going on, dig down to the underlying deeper issue, like fear, or the hurt of rejection.


Next up for doctor Dave, just 10 minutes and a bag of frozen corn!

Get Your Vasectomies Here

They call it the "snip."

"The unkindest cut of all" some might call it. That phrase is Shakespearian in origin and generally means the insults, affronts, or offenses that hurt the most, that cut the deepest, are most often delivered by a trusted friend.

In this specific case, the "unkindest cut" is really just the opposite, and in fact, is quite kind and it should indeed be delivered by a trusted physician!.

Yahoo News is reporting that more men in the United States are now seeking vasectomies.  In some communities, the demand for the procedure has doubled, and men say protecting their female partners is a motivating factor. (see, that's kind!)

Court Ordered Cuts

The network newscasts are also reporting that the Supreme Court's reversal of Roe vs Wade has sent a lot of men scrambling into urology clinics across the country. Hmmm.

A vasectomy takes about ten minutes to perform and is less invasive than female tubal ligation.  Now a lot of guys want nothing to do with anything that requires a scalpel or scissor and their personal real estate "south of their border" so to speak.  But I heard "from a friend" that there really is nothing to it.

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