New Year's resolution Tip #???   It's easy to lose track of the number of workout tips we read about and share, just like it's easy to lose focus on your nutrition when you're working out.

The Daily Mail reports that resolutions to lose weight and get in shape have to include a focus on what you'll eat before and after your workouts.
Never fear, science is on the job.  Researchers say deciding what you'll chow down on after your work out  before you hit the gym could be key to making good choices.
University of Nebraska- Lincoln researchers had two groups of participants go about their normal workout routines but before exercising, one group decided whether they wanted an apple, brownie, or no snack following the exercise session. The other group was presented with the same options, but only after they exercised.
About 74 percent of participants who were asked prior to the workout session chose an apple, compared with 55 percent who only were given snack choices after exercising. Also, only about 14 percent of the pre-exercise group selected the brownie, while about 20 percent of the post-workout group decided to indulge.
Study leaders  say, "If your goal is to lose weight, then I would say our findings support that you're better off making the choice... not when you're hungry after your workout, but instead before you go to the gym."

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