Dog post number 3,872!  Ok, maybe a bit of an exaggeration but we Yakimaniacs love our dogs!  I live with a couple of rescue dogs that could really use some of what comes from this next post.

The people at People Magazine recently shared a story that sounds interesting from a pet person's point of view.  They were writing about the pet supply company PetSmart's news dog oriented training program.
PetSmart recently introduced a new six-week training program for dogs called “Brain Games.”  (I'm not so sure one of my dogs even has a brain to play games with!)
PetSmart says by taking the course, the dogs can learn skills and “smart behaviors”, even going so far as to reading cue cards, (Heck, President Biden can't even do that...I wonder if Major, his biting dog can???  Hey, Dave, don't be mean, be a good boy!)
Through Brain Games, dogs can learn to count and identify colors, while pet owners can “gain deeper insights” into how their dog thinks.  I must admit I haven't spent a lot of time thinking about how my dogs think (or IF they think) but this sounds interesting...I think.
On their website, PetSmart proclaims, “The foundation and goal of Brain Games is to give your dog choices and build a deeper understanding of their minds and personalities.”
On KIT we always say "control the language - control the debate"  and this new training program is designed to help dogs "develop a physical language that they can use to communicate with their owners about their personal preferences and when they are interested in participating in a task." 
Great, if I give my dog language I'll have to debate him to get him to do his business outside.  Next thing I know he'll be negotiating for more treats and arguing why he should get the best seat on the couch.  But maybe we should ask Major, the President's biter German Shepherd to take the course so he can explain what it is he doesn't like about life in the White House!



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