Some people call them "Porch Pirates" but that doesn't work for me.  The word "Pirate" carries a fantasy, adventurous, romantic, historical connotation to miy mind.  I grew up watching reruns of "The Buccaneers" TV show and have thought of pirates as swashbuckling,  rebellious, anti-establishment, and individualistic. (with a little murderous savagery thrown in)

Lowest of the Low

To me, the so-called "porch pirates" are worse than the rats that infest the warves of the  mid-1600's Caribbean ports where the real pirates used to hang out.

I had a package stolen off my front door step in the middle of the day in broad daylight a couple months back and it was really upsetting.  Infuriating nay be a better word.  I'm sure if I could have confronted the thief I very well may have committed a worse crime in response and ended up paying bigger price !

The Crime Is More Than Theft

It's not always the loss.  In my case the bad guys only got a couple of cat tree replacement buckets where our cats like to sleep and lounge in the sunshine coming through the frontroom window.  But it is the invasion of personal space, the audacity, the total disregard for social norms and it happens...a lot!

Fox News reports,"an estimated 210 million packages were stolen over the last 12 months in the US. The survey shows 64 percent of respondents say they have had at least one package stolen from their porch in the last year, and nearly 54 percent say they’ve had multiple packages swiped."
And now its Christmas shopping season with millions more packages being delivered to homes with owners busy as work.   I'm expecting several (and they aren't cat buckets!) and I will be somewhat anxious everyday until they arrive safely.

Kid Gloves Won't Promote Change

I know of someone who went to prison for such thefts.  There was desperation and susbstance addiction and abuse involved but that is no excuse.  Accountability seems to have made the difference and they are on the right track now.  Still, 210 million stolen last year!!

 If someone steals a package from you, experts say you should file a police report, include any security footage you might have, and contact the sender in case you can get a free replacement. You can also file claims with the carrier who delivered the package.

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