Some people say business is boring.

I say business makes the world go round and the more we know the more we will be able to succeed and enjoy the trip.

There Are a Lot Of Industries In Yakima County

When you think about Yakima County and business, you have a lot to think about,  In addition to national, state, and local government there is agriculture, forestry & fishing, mining, utilities, construction, manufacturing, wholesale trade, retail trade, transportation & warehousing, real estate & rentals, information, professional and business services, finance  & insurance, management of companies, administrative & waste services, private education services, health services, arts, entertainment & recreation,  accommodation & food services, all providing county jobs, salaries, and services.

​Speaking of jobs, according to a report from a Regional Labor Economist - from 2010-2020 - total Yakima County employment rose 10.9 percent, but from 2019-2020 employment fell by -4.4 percent. Thanks, Covid-19. 

In Yakima Agriculture Is Still King​

 In Yakima, two industries - agriculture and health services - accounted for almost all of the 10,847 jobs added from 2010-2020. But on a percentage basis, construction employment was the fastest-growing sector jumping up more than 36 percent. 

Over the past ten years, our county's jobs not related to agriculture didn't keep pace with the job growth in the rest of the state, but when Covid hit, Yakima didn't lose as many jobs proportionally as did the rest of Washington.

How Big Is Business In Yakima


2020 saw more than 110-thousand people on the job in Yakima County with a payroll of $4.90 billion.  Yakima County business is BIG business.

​So that's the rearview mirror, what about the windshield? What do the forecasters say the future holds?

Future Growth In Yakima County

The crystal ball says the growth industries are expected to be in construction, manufacturing, retail trade, professional and business services, health care and social assistance, leisure and hospitality, and local government.

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