Sometimes, it seems to me that our community has the worst civic inferiority complex in the world.  Why?

  Why does it seem that our community is so down on itself?  Having been in radio for nearly 35 years and in news/talk radio for nearly 20 years, this is a question that comes up for conversation with my colleagues quite often.  Whether it be callers on the air, bloggers, or respondents to our website, it seems that our own citizens have nothing good to say about our Yakima.

Some of the things said that come to mind:

" Our reputation is so bad, people in Seattle laugh at us."

"Typical Yakima, can't do anything right."

"Don't go anywhere east of 24th Avenue, it's not safe."

" This is the most nothing city in the state. I'd move if I could."

The last one particularly gets me. Is anyone be held against their will to live here?

Some people just have negative personalities, and I've worked with a lot of them in radio. They are not going to be happy anywhere.


I know we have problems.  Gangs, crime, economic problems. I choose to live, work and raise a family in this city. I'm not really a rah rah, chamber of commerce kind of guy, but I do like it here.  My question to the people down on the community is:  What are you doing to make it a better place?

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