Waiting in a long line for anything in Yakima doesn't happen very often, not even at the Department of Licensing. Or does it?

One of the things I've noticed through the years about living in Yakima is that we really don't have to wait in line for much of anything. Of course, Yakima's definition of a long line could be ten people, as opposed to five or six times that many. In fact, the only long lines (people standing) I usually see anymore are usually at my younger kid's school functions or at the annual KIT/Townsquare Media yard sale. (Maybe for Space Mountain at Disneyland, but that's in California so it doesn't count)

I think that the longest line that I can remember being in was when the movie "Jaws" came out in the summer of 1975. We had only one multiplex theatre in town at the time, the good old Mercy Twin in Union Gap. "Jaws" is recognized as establishing the summer movie blockbuster in our entertainment world. The showing I went to was jammed! The lobby was full, and the line stretched into the parking lot and around the back of the building. Remember, this was before advance sale tickets, so there was a chance you could finally get to the front of the line to be told "sold out". And people were already lining up for the next show. With more ten-screen plus theatres, this rarely happens anymore, unless the movie is HUGE.

As to waiting in line in a car, the longest lines I see are at a drive thru Starbucks, or usually late in February at the automatic car washes. You know, that first halfway decent day when you know you can wash the winter grime off of your car and have it stay clean for a day or two!

Where do you encounter long lines in Yakima? Leave us comment to let us know.


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