It's a ways off but that gives you time to gather old documents and outdated medications. It's that time of year for the CrimeStoppers Yakima County Shreds and Meds event set for Saturday, April 30. It's being held from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Valley Mall in Union Gap in the southwest corner of the parking lot near Sears.

You can destroy stuff like bank statements and credit card statements

You are urged to bring your outdated financial records including old bank statements, old checks, old credit card statements and other items that contain personal and financial information. Information that you don't want and can't afford to fall into the wrong hands.
There is a limit as to how much you can bring to the event. Crimestoppers officials say material is limited to a maximum two banker boxes or three grocery bags.

Turn in all your old outdated and unused medications

Check in your medicine cabinets and drawers for unused, expired prescription medications and turn them in for safe disposal. While there's a limit on the documents there's no limit on amount of medications to return and dispose.
If you go to the event they simply ask that the shredded items and medicine be separated.
There is no cost for this service but Yakima County Crime Stoppers will be accepting donations to support the organization’s expenses and reward fund.
CrimeStoppers is hoping you'll Support the Sponsors:
Yakima County Crime Stoppers • Yakima County Sheriff’s Department • CI Shred • Leonard Rickey Investment Advisors • Pacific NW University of Health Sciences • Yakima Police Department • Valley Mall • GESA Credit Union

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