The Yakima Police Department emphasis patrols aren't stopping despite the weather. Over the last 6 months police have made more than 4,000 traffic stops and issued more than 2,000 citations. Every Tuesday the department posts it's traffic emphasis numbers on social media.

The numbers aren't changing much from week to week

During the week of January 8 through January 14 Yakima Police Officers made a total of 809 traffic stops and issued 402 citations to drivers. Officers also investigated 28 collisions with 12 of the collisions the result of the driver not stopping for a red light. 7 drivers were also arrested for DUI.
Those numbers aren't much different than the numbers recorded for the week of January 1 through January 8. During that week Yakima officers made a total of 724 traffic stops and issued 334 citations. Officers also investigated 26 collisions, 10 the result of drivers not stopping for a red light. 8 drivers were also arrested for DUI.

Have you noticed a change in driving behavior?

What's the reason for the patrols? Earlier this year the Yakima Police Chief, Matthew Murray wrote a letter to the community in which he says "the culture of anything goes on Yakima streets must change." More than 20 fatality crashes have been reported this year within city limits and numerous serious injury crashes involving vehicles and motorcycles. Capt. Jay Seely says Officers are expected to make 3 to 4 traffic stops everyday to slow drivers and send a message that traffic is being monitored in Yakima.
Officers are finding a lot of drivers who aren't obeying traffic laws.

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