May 2 is the deadline for students who want to apply for Yakima Federal Savings and Loan’s annual scholarship program called Awards for Academic Excellence.
The program is funded with $174,000 for scholarships for area graduating seniors.

If you are applying there are some requirements that need to be met

There are some requirements. Those who want to apply need to live in Yakima, Kittitas, Benton or Franklin counties, graduate in the top 10% of their class and have demonstrated high moral character, industriousness, and ambition during their high school career.
Applicants are also required to submit a one-page letter about future plans, school and life experiences, including any challenges faced and overcome and the impact of receiving an award.

You can apply today just click on the link

Students can review requirements and apply online now at  Home schooled students are also eligible. Awards are funded upon student enrollment for the fall semester following graduation. Award checks are issued payable to the school in which the student is enrolled.  Recipients will be notified by June 1, 2022.
The individual awards are $2,000 each. A press release says "Yakima Federal has provided over two million dollars in college scholarships to local graduating high school seniors through its Award for Academic Excellence program over the past 45 years.
Yakima Federal Savings and Loan is headquartered in Yakima, WA. and has been in business since 1905. With over $1.9 billion in assets, the association is the 10th largest Washington-based FDIC insured financial institution."

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