It seems like no matter where you go there's a coffee shop or drive-thru on every corner in Washington. A good amount of these shops end up going out of business or end up selling to a larger corporation. However, in Yakima, there's one shop making huge waves on the internet.

Tiktok to be exact, going viral on that app is no easy task, you have to have hundreds of thousands of views along with the likes and comments to match, so when this local business went viral we had to check it out for ourselves.

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The shop is called Sip on 1st and currently has 52.9 thousand followers and still growing. When it comes to drinks specialties they do it up more than the average coffee shop, with fresh fruit, candy, food, even some spices and collector cups!

People from all over have taken day-long road trips just to get a taste of their espressos, drinks, and coffee, once you see the video you can probably figure out why.

@sipon1st Comment Hearts for a Free one on us 💘#FYP ♬ sonido original - music_lyrics✔

It's no surprise they have such a large following, it goes to show that creativeness and determination in any business is a sure-fire way to win and leave your name in history. They've made not only a coffee shop but a whole experience every time you go thru the drive-thru. They also celebrate every holiday with signature special drinks and even have some drinks just because it's spring, winter, or summer, they're always creating and always growing. If you wanna try it for yourself the address is in the name!

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