Two of the best new restaurants in America are located in Washington State. How cool is that?

Omar Mamoon gave these two Washington state restaurants the biggest thumbs up possible; he raved about them in Esquire Magazine's The 50 Best New Restaurants in America. He was searching for innovative recipes, which left him thinking about the meal after he left.

There are no Michelin rated restaurants in Seattle, much to my surprise. There are, however, award-winning ones, run by famous chefs like Graham Elliott, Tom Douglas, Renee Erickson, Aisha Ibrahim, Edourardo Jourdan, The Canlis Brothers, and more.

Check out the two restaurants from the Evergreen State that were chosen among the best new eateries in the United States!



Hamdi in Seattle, WA

WHAT TO TRY: The Kebabs


Hamdi has been around since November 2022. If you are into kebabs and "hand-cut lamb belly", Hamdi is the place you might want to try in Seattle. You will get to taste the owner-chefs' authentic Turkish food, beverages, and desserts, as well as "freshly baked lavash, and seasonal mezes", or snacks.

A meal at Hamdi is available by reservation only. This open-concept restaurant is open four days a week, from Thursday through Sunday.

A "delight", if you will pardon my pun, is the sweet treat you receive at the end of your Turkish meal!

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Estelle in Bellingham, WA

WHAT TO TRY: Willing to Fall (a non-alchoholic beverage)

A fixture in the neighborhood of Fairhaven since October 2022, Bistro Estelle has been serving French Riviera-style foods.

Order fancy appetizers and entrees, including steak tartare, a walnut glazed sweet potato, and crispy Brussels sprouts.

How about this dessert: a cranberry coconut tartlet served with lemon chantilly?




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I can't wait to see which Washington State restaurants Esquire chooses for 2024!


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