Wake up and smell the coffee?
The annual introduction of Starbucks' paper Christmas cups is stirring  up a holiday hullabaloo, drawing fresh accusations that retailers are waging a "war on Christmas."
Social media is boiling over this week after former TV and radio evangelist Joshua Feuerstein&nbs…
A Saturday Conversation About Coffee [AUDIO]
From one sidewalk coffee stand nearly 25 years ago to the myriad of both corporate and locally owned coffee bars that Yakima claims now, the northwest fascination with good coffee is firmly entrenched here.
Newstalk KIT recently talked to two Yakima espresso entrepreneurs, Keith Taylor and Scott Rain…
Cuppa Joe. A Gateway Drug???
COFFEE DRINKING LEADS TO DRUGS:   Sorry starbuck fans...we have some disturbing news about your daily pick me up.  Fox News is reporting coffee drinkers may be predisposed to stronger stimulants!  Cocaine? One lump or two?!!

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