A man walked up to Townsquare Media studios at 4010 Summitview Ave. in Yakima, took something out of his mouth, lit it, and shoved it under a cedar shingle. Police and fire fighters observed the act via surveillance cameras just minutes after putting the fire out Wednesday afternoon around 3:30.

Not very often does a news station make the news.

"Does anyone know who called 9-1-1?" asked Townsquare Media receptionist Heather Baggley. "Apparently our building is on fire. Everyone needs to evacuate."

Events planner Al Holman overheard someone mention they smelled smoke. He checked the vents and smelled it himself, so went outside to look around. The cedar shingles on the backside of the building on Summitview Avenue were smoldering.

Holman called 9-1-1 and sprayed the shingles with a fire extinguisher. The black, smoking area on the building continued to grow and audibly crackle as employees evacuated and came to watch.

The Yakima Fire Department sprayed the black patch with water and used an axe to cut away the shingles. The fire was already out thanks to the fire extinguisher,


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