Take a peek in the mirror.  Look at your eyebrows. What do you think they are saying about you?  Could it be they are revealing some psychological signal about narcissism?

Wait til you hear this one!! University of Toronto researchers had a group of study participants fill out a questionnaire that measured how narcissistic they were, and then took photos of those individuals with neutral expressions.

Then, a second group were shown the photos and told to guess which people were the most self-centered.  Not sure how, but researchers found the second group was quite good at identifying the most narcissistic individuals.  What gave them away?  Eyebrows!

Dallas Mavericks v Houston Rockets - Game One
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When the scientists removed the eyebrows from the photos, the second group could no longer differentiate the most narcissistic people.   Now why might that be?  Share your thoughts and check out some of the most memorable eyebrows of all time.

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