They build robots, they can engineer their way out of just about anything....BUT...can they cook teriyaki?

It's time to find out (sort of) because it's time for the Wapato Robotics & Engineering Club's 9th Annual Teriyaki Feed.

Wapato Wolves Know Science

How many schools the size of Wapato can say they have a Robotics & Engineering club?  Pretty cool, right?.  Wapato Robotics and Engineering Club (WREC) started competing in the First Robotics Competition (FRC) in 2008. Wapato was the first school in Central Washington to form a team. Since then about 6 other teams have formed around the region.

The Wapato students have done well enough to catch the eye of NASA and have been involved in some pretty amazing projects.  In 2015 NASA HUNCH approached the Wapato Club to be a part of their program. At the time it was the only school in the Pacific Time Zone to work with NASA to help solve problems encountered on the International Space Station. Additionally, in 2019 Wapato was on the winning alliance at the Sundome robotics competition, winning its first banner.  Great opportunity and great real-world experience for the students....but back to the food.

Food Feats Fundraiser

The message is - No need to worry about fixing dinner at home this Saturday. You are invited to a teriyaki feed at Wapato High School. It is the Wapato High School Robotics and Engineering Club’s (WREC) 9th annual Teriyaki Feed. Proceeds are used by the club to help purchase materials, equipment and pay entry fees for the competitions the club participates in each year.  (no word on who or WHAT cooks the teriyaki, but I'm sure it's "out of this world" as they say at NASA!

As a result of their experience in the club,  a number of Wapato students have gone onto college and pursued degrees in computer science, engineering, and communications. Others have also gone on to work for companies like Boeing, Collins Aerospace, PayTrace, and Facebook.

The "Deets" As They Say

Sounds like a great program to support and a delicious way to do it.  Nobody fundraises like folks in the Yakima Valley!

Wapato High School Robotics & Engineering Club (WREC)

9th Annual Teriyaki Feed

Saturday, December 4, 2021 from 4 pm to 8 pm.

Wapato High School located at 1202 S. Camas Ave, Wapato, WA 98951

$12.00 per ticket

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