Calling "Climate Change" a health, economic, and equity issue,  Gov. Jay Inslee has just laid out his climate policy package for the next two years saying "the threats are real and the time to act is now."

Inslee's Green ideas Sound Familiar

You may recall that Governor Inslee ran for President solely on the platform of the need to "go green or our national goose is cooked."  Not too surprising when you consider Washington is the EVERGREEN state and Inslee works in the shadow of the EMERALD city.  And besides, I'm not sure how much greener we can get since Washington is already the GREENEST state in the country, according to a Consumer Affairs study.

Criteria To Evaluate Greenness

Each state was ranked based on eco-friendliness, the percentage of total energy generated by renewable and nuclear sources, carbon emissions per capita, municipal solid waste generated per capita, and the percentage of waste that's either recycled or composted.  The west coast and the northeast performed the best.  Washington was determined to be the most green, followed by Oregon second and California at number seven.   New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine were ranked 3, 4 & 5.

From the study -

Governor Inslee's Big Plans

Back to the Governor's plane - from his website -  "These proposals would reduce nearly 30 million metric tons of emissions by 2030 — a 35% reduction from current projections. And these standards and investments — with justice at their core — will grow clean energy jobs in Washington.”

  • Cap statewide greenhouse gas emissions and invest in clean energy, transportation, and climate resilience programs, and fund part of the Working Families Tax Credit.
  • Establish a clean fuel standard and reduce transportation emissions through electrification.
  • Require new buildings to be carbon-free by 2030 and eliminate fossil fuels from existing buildings by 2050.
  • Require an environmental justice assessment for all climate-related investments and create an Environmental Justice and Equity Advisory Panel to analyze how climate investments impact communities most affected by climate change.
  • Invest $428 million in clean transportation, clean buildings, and clean energy projects.

For the record, what are the least green states in America?  The bottom three are Wyoming, Louisiana, and a big coal dust-covered surprise - West Virginia.

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