Yakima's curbside recycling pilot program is getting a lot of participation.

Upwards of 75 percent of the 550 city residents involved in the program are no longer trashing recyclables says the city's Solid Waste Manager Loretta Zamarky. She says the pilot program started May 6.

When we go out on our every other week collection we’ve had residents come out to us and say they didn’t believe it at first that they could reduce their garbage volume by half but it’s working for them.

Residents have been able to go from a 96-gallon garbage container to a 32-gallon container because they are recycling.

Zamarky says the pilot program will continue until August 29. Then all the data will be collected and presented to the Yakima City Council to decide if the city should start a city wide recycling program.

A citizen survey found 88 percent of city residents would participate in a recycling program if it was at the right price of under $3 a month.