The trade war with China is not yet impacting the recycling market says Keith Kovalenko the District Manager of Yakima Waste Systems. He says problems with the Chinese recycling market came long before trade talks. But he says the company has no plan to stop its curbside recycling program.
Kovalenko says if you are a curbside recycler in Yakima you can help keep the recycling rates down by following the rules. He says Asian markets want clean recyclables and are limiting what they take so he says make sure you know what you're placing in your recycle bin before it's picked up at the curb.
In other words the more items you place in your bin that can't be recycled the more it will cost to take out that material before it's sent to an Asian producer like China.
If you pay for curbside recycling an you want to make sure you're recycling the correct items you can pick up a brochure at the office at 2812 and a half terrace heights drive or check the website at

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