A new pilot recycling program in Yakima started Tuesday, and if the program is successful the City Council could expand it to include the entire city.

Some people are still getting used to their new blue bins in this pilot program. City workers were tagging some cans as recycling stars, meaning they recycled everything properly. They also gave an "oops recycling" tag with tips on what can be done better next time.

In total, 550 homes now have the blue recycling cans as part of the pilot program. Paula Vest says she is happy to see Yakima starting this new recycling program.

I was excited to be part of it. Yakima needs to recycle. I know the dump in Terrace Heights is getting full. There's no reason why people should be throwing all this stuff away if it can be put to good use.

When the program ends in August, the Department of Public Works will take the results and present them to the City Council. The council will then decide whether they want to expand curbside recycling to the entire city or not.

There is extra emphasis for this new program since the closest landfill in Terrace Heights is expected to fill up in the next 11 years.