**Irrigation canals can be tempting during sweltering heat, especially for kids and teenagers, BUT they’re dangerous.

That’s according to the Columbia Basin Project, the largest irrigation system in the country, that would-be swimmers to stay out.

Executive Director Vicky Scharlau says canals are vital to our economy but dangerous places for people with fast-moving water that runs deep.

Even loitering around canals can get you arrested and charged with trespassing.

Stay alive by staying away.

**The Animal Ag Alliance’s annual College Aggies Online scholarship competition kicks off September 14th.

Undergraduate, graduate students, and collegiate clubs will compete in the nine-week program to learn how to engage about food and agriculture online AND in their communities.

Last year students were awarded more than $20,000 in scholarships.

Don Schindler, senior vice president at Dairy Management Inc., which manages the national dairy checkoff, says we’re happy to offer our advice and feedback to support this next generation of agricultural advocates.”

**A bill that could have reduced recycling of food waste to feed livestock was pulled from consideration last week by a California state Senate committee.

The bill would have prevented livestock producers from receiving food byproducts from restaurants, grocers and others.

But, opponents say the bill would have forced more food waste into landfills rather than being used to feed animals.

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