Yakima Craft Beer Industry take note!

We get custom clothing, custom homes, even custom cut meat so why not custom beer?  And by custom I mean beer made for you based on your personal DNA!!

The Meantime Brewing Company of Greenwich, England is offering customers the chance to sample beers created specifically for them using genetic profile data from the customer's DNA.

That’s James Bond kinda custom cool. Beer, not shaken, nor stirred!

Here’s hope it works. A genetics firm checks out your hereditary variations in a gene responsible for oral taste receptors. The brewery then uses the info as it applies to preference for bitter and sweet flavors and then designs the a custom beer to match.

And just like other custom made creations, this kind of specificity comes at a price. The bar tab for this baby starts at a cool and frothy $31,285, but there are up-charges for extras including pint glasses molded to the shape of the customer's hand and a custom-designed label for their personalized beer.  (UPI)

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