I’ve counted 9 restaurants that closed in 2023, but I know there has got to be more. Please feel free to send me a note if you think of one that I haven’t.

Eating out in restaurants sure has gotten pretty *%#@ expensive these days. It’s hard to keep up with the cost of living but let’s face it, the price of everything is only going up from here.




I feel pangs of nostalgia whenever I drive past the old Gasperetti’s Italian restaurant on North 1st Street (it closed in 2020). When I look at the Tasty Wok on West Nob Hill Blvd, I remember when it was my favorite Italian restaurant (I forget the name of that restaurant now; I must have blocked it out of my memory.*) There was another Italian restaurant in West Valley that I loved to death and it closed abruptly, and not too long ago, Valley Italian Pizza and Pasta permanently closed in Union Gap.

I’m still sad about these Yakima area restaurant closures all these years later (and I’ve just been exposed as someone who really loves Italian food).


*Editor’s Note: It was Casa Mia’s.

Before we both cry in our coffee thinking about the rising cost of dining out, and start wondering whether people still hand out dollars if you show ‘em some ankle on the boulevard or not , let’s cry together over the beloved Yakima restaurants that closed up shop in 2023.


Yakima Restaurants We Miss That Permanently Closed in 2023

These places will live on in our hearts! 😔

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby

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