A famous and local TV chef I know asked his Facebook followers the other day what makes dining out in Yakima Valley different from other cities. The answers included farm-to-table options, “legitimate Mexican food”, fresher and greater local quality food ingredients, and great pizza.

I don’t disagree. We do have a cool restaurant scene that is unique to the Yakima Valley.

Even though we have our tried and true faves, there’s always room in the Valley for some new restaurants. We get excited about the chains and the Mom & Pops, just the same.

Thousands of foodies are waiting for the construction of a Texas Roadhouse to go up in Union Gap, while others are hungering (get it) for some more refined cuisine restaurants to open in town. Still others really want more places that offer delicious Cheese Zombies - a coveted unique Yakima food specialty!

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Yakima's Food Scene: New Yummy Restaurants to Try in 2024

In 2023, Yakima was lucky enough to get new restaurants that catered to those with a penchant for Asian cuisine, as evidenced in the restaurant gallery below. We also enjoyed receiving a new pizza joint, an ice cream shop, a brewery, a hot dog stand, a coffee shop, and new Mexican restaurants.

How many of these new Yakima area restaurants have you visited? See which ones you’ll be wanting to try in 2024!

New Yummy Yakima Area Restaurants to Try in 2024

Gallery Credit: Reesha Cosby


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