The Latest Viral Crazy…The Orvillecopter
  Well, it is one of the odd and whacky things that they have seen. It is kinda? Well, how about we introduce you to the Orvillecopter. The cat, whose name was Orville died after being hit by a car. That's when Dutch artist Bart Jansen decided to preserve the striped feline's body and turn it into a work of art that also happens to fly around the room in the most terrifying way that ever existe
New iPad App Lets You Play Video Games With Your Cat
Cat toys sure have come a long way. Yarn and stuffed mice are still fun, but the more tech-savvy felines prefer getting their entertainment a whole new way: from an iPad. Cat food maker Friskies has released a new app called ‘You vs. Cat,’ billing it as the first dual-species tablet game to let humans play along with their feline friends.
Woman Kills Cat By Blowing Heroin Smoke On It
A Colorado woman is being accused of killing a pet in a most unusual manner. Danielle Blankenship was allegedly smoking heroin and exhaling the fumes from the dangerous drug right into the face of Muffin, her boyfriend's roommate's cat.