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Fluffy The Cat for Mayor 2021
Reesha on the Radio via Instagram

Yes, it is Filing Week in Washington state and like many people, I have been keeping tabs on who has filed for office. I have mostly been following local election races because of my involvement with certain circles but also because my 10-year-old daughter, Willow, has been hounding me to pay the filing fee to have our family cat, Fluffy, run for the "first pet Mayor of Yakima". She said a cat named "Stubbs" was the mayor in Alaska for twenty (20) years.

I hang my head down in exhaustion because this has been my daily life for the past two months when the idea first sprang into Willow's head without ANY prodding from me.

"Mom, can Fluffy run for Mayor?"

"Mom, when Fluffy becomes the Mayor does he get paid a thousand dollars?"

"Mom, have you passed out my fliers like you said you would?" (That would be a hard NO.)

"Mom, when Fluffy becomes the Mayor, do I have to speak up for him at the Mayor's meetings?"

I am faced with a dilemma that I should have resolved two months ago: No, Willow, Fluffy cannot run for Mayor of Yakima. He is a CAT, and cats are not allowed to be the mayor in these parts.

Actually, I have told Willow this at least TWICE but she refuses to accept the hard truth, mainly because it is coming from me. Perhaps if you tell her, she will listen to you.

Should I just pay the filing fee and allow our pet cat to run for "office"?

Here is what her flier says:

"Fluffy's Owner Willow
Writers: Willow & Reesha
Hi, my name is Fluffy. I am 7 years old in cat years and I want to be the first pet mayor of Yakima! Please help spread the word! My 3 Campaign Plat-forms are Ending homelessness, Ending Racism, and making sure that DOGS don't chase CATS. That's NOT a PROMISE but I'll do my best! Vote for Fluffy!
Tags (hashtags) #VoteforFluffy #VFF #FluffyforMayor #FFM"

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