An RV and a shirt-tail relation of the RV will be featured Saturday (Sept. 8) in McAllister Museum of Aviation’s final airplane showcase of this summer. The museum is at 2003 S. 16th Ave., Yakima, at the east end of the Yakima airport.

The RV – Steve Sundquist’s RV-7 – is a two-place aircraft with side-by-side seating. The RV-7/7A is the most popular current design of Van’s Aircraft of Aurora, OR, according to the company’s website. Van’s sells the RVs as kits; Sundquist’s was already built when he acquired it.

Sharing the bill with the RV will be Gailon Gentry and his Harmon Rocket F1. While the RV and Rocket are similar in size, the Rocket is virtually a souped-up RV. The RV can cruise at around 200 miles an hour, depending on the engine used; the rocket’s cruise speed (depending on the engine used) is 30 to 60 miles an hour faster.

If the Rocket resembles the RV somewhat, it’s because the Rocket – sold in kit form by the Bakersfield, CA, company -- is a modified RV. Before acquiring his Rocket, Gentry was co-owner of an RV-6.

McAllister’s showcase is set to begin at 10 a.m. and end at noon. The presentation will feature pilots talking about their aircraft and giving short flight demonstrations.

No admission is charged for the showcases, but the nonprofit MMA appreciates donations.

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