Stolen guns are a big problem in the city of Yakima say police. The Yakima Police Department has created a video on social media and are asking for your help to cut serious crime by locking up your firearms. Detective Nate Henyan says 50% of all guns stolen in Yakima come from vehicle prowls. He says the guns are then used on the street in many serious crimes including murder. The department is asking Yakima residents to partner with them and helping to curb that serious crime by locking up your firearms when they're in your vehicle. Henyan says sometimes people will place a gun under a seat or in an unlocked glove compartment if they can't carry a weapon where they are going. He says that's how thieves get the guns. Henyan says if you find yourself in this situation always lock your firearm in the glove box or install a lock box or gun safe in your vehicle. Police say by doing that you can partner with the police department and help them curb serious gun crimes in Yakima. Vehicle lock boxes are available at area gun stores.

Stolen guns are a big problem not only in Yakima but all over the country.

According to data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), "during the four-year period from 2012 to 2015, nearly half a billion dollars worth of guns were stolen from individuals nationwide, amounting to an estimated 1.2 million guns. Twenty-two thousand guns were stolen from gun stores during this same period. A gun is stolen in the U.S. every two minutes."

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