Who doesn't love a Leprechaun (or a Leprechaun Shake)?

Saint Patrick's Day is just around the corner and everyone knows that Leperachauns love shamrocks, rainbows, and pots of gold.

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Shamrock is No Sham

I'm not Irish and I'm no Leprechaun but I love those things too!  Chances are you do too, however, there is some confusion out there about just what a Shamrock is.  Shamrock, or “seamrag” in Gaelic, means “little clover” and many people erroneously assume it's the allegedly lucky four leaf clover.  That would be wrong - by a leaf.

The Family Handyman site sets us straight:

The old tale goes like this: St. Patrick used the abundant 3-leaf shamrock of the Emerald Isle to explain the holy trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) in his work to convert Irish people to Christianity. And, even before St. Patrick popularized the shamrock druids used them for medicinal purposes. No matter how you look at the history, shamrocks have been a core part of Irish history and heritage for centuries

St. Patty's Party At Micky D's

So now we know, but what about the rainbow and that pot of gold?  So glad you asked. Local McDonald's restaurants have put it all together for us and all we have to do is enjoy.  Here's how it works.  For a limited time only:

1.) McDonald's makes the Shamrock shakes (and the OREO Shamrock McFlurries)

2.) WE bring the rainbow with our smiles and enthusiasm for buying the treats

3.) The Pot-O-Gold is the pile of money that accumulates as McDonald’s donates 25 cents from every Shamrock Shake® sold to both Ronald McDonald House Charities of the Inland Northwest to benefit families of seriously ill children receiving medical treatment.

This is another win-win-win for business, consumers and kids in need.  You don't need the luck of the Irish to help make a difference, just an appetite for all-around goodness!

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