My friend Jessica is celebrating her 1-year anniversary with her new boyfriend and she just reached out to me to see if there were any nice restaurants I could recommend they celebrate their special day. Her request is some place that is nice, but not TOO expensive, and possibly a new-ish restaurant. If the eatery serves authentic Chinese food, that would be a plus.

I recommended the following places to Jessica. My list includes three of Yakima's newest restaurants that each have a unique and trendy vibe that would be the perfect background for a romantic brunch, lunch, or dinner for two. See if you agree with my choices! Bowm chikka bowm bowm!


Sarah Johnson
Ramen-Ya is located at 3508 Summitview Ave in Yakima

Japanese food is the order of the day at Ramen-Ya, but as you may know, ramen dishes have their roots in Chinese culture. Your mouth will salivate over the menu with items like Pork Shoyu (soft-boiled egg, scallions, pork, black garlic oil, and more).

The Distillarium

The Distillarium Yakima
The Distillarium Yakima via Facebook

This is my favorite new place to dine in Yakima. This spot could easily transform itself into a romantic dinner for the two of you. Looking at the drinks alone will arouse your body, in my humble opinion! Bowm chikka bowm bowm!

Eats & Elixirs

Brunch Breakfast
Getty Images/Thinkstock

Yakima's newest restaurant is sure to be packed with patrons for the next several weeks so if you want to eat here for brunch, lunch, or dinner, a reservation might be your best bet to secure a table for your intimate meal.

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