Did you get a coffee mug for Christmas?
Most folks I know have a "favorite" coffee cup.  The reason for preference varies from volume, to scrpited or cartoon message, to color, look or shape -but I wonder if any of the favorites were chosen for SMOOTHNESS?
Science says the cup from which you drinking your coffee matters. Scientific researchers in Brazil found people thought their coffee tasted better when they drank it out of a smooth porcelain cup as opposed to a ceramic mug with a rough finish on the outer and inner walls.  Brazil ought to know, they produce the lion's share of the world coffee supply?
The participants rated the coffee from the smooth cup as tasting sweeter, and the coffee from the rough cup as more acidic.  Do you feel the same way?
Psychologists say the results demonstrate that sense of touch makes a big difference in our determination of tastes .

The Daily Mail reports that "coffee experts say what you sip the drink from affects its flavor – with a rough cup leaving a bitter after-taste while the same coffee tastes sweeter from a smoother vessel."

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