City leaders would like to thank you for opening up your checkbooks and spreading your green around. For the first time in months, sales tax revenue is up, and that means the services that benefit you may soon be as well.

"It's been a really good year,” said Northtown owner, Dave Thompkins, “we had a good Christmas, and the first of the year was slow, but since it's really picked up. It's been very, very good."

That reaction is not what you likely would have gotten from Thompkins a year ago, but 2012 is showing promise. His sales are up roughly 10 percent, and hopes are up even more.

"We picked up any we lost,” said Thompkins, “we are ahead of where we were last year."

So is the City of Yakima, at least when it comes to their sales tax revenue which is up over $120,000 compared to this time last year. It is still not near as high as previous years, but city leaders say it's trending in the right direction.