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Yakima Home Buyers are Seeing Housing Prices Lowering
It's the kind of news Yakima home buyers were thrilled to hear. Prices dropped in Yakima. Home prices were down a little more than eight percent since the beginning of 2009. business insider predicts Yakima's growth would rise by 7.8 percent in the next five-years...
Cash Mob Hits Yakima Businesses
There's a new mob in town and we are not talking about a Flash Mob. Unlike those videos that go viral on the internet, this is a Cash Mob. Organizer Allie Mickey had her own questions when she first heard about the idea. "What's a Cash Mob and how can we do it...
Sales Tax Revenue Is Up In Yakima
City leaders would like to thank you for opening up your checkbooks and spreading your green around. For the first time in months, sales tax revenue is up, and that means the services that benefit you may soon be as well. "It's been a really good year,” said Northtown owner, Dave Thompkins, “we had a good Christmas, and the first of the year was slow, but since it's really picked up... Read M