The nation's Democrats are starting to line up for the run for President in 2020.  California Senator Kamala Harris is the most recent but I just thought about the Pacific Northwest Dream Team! (Hey, nightmares are dreams too)

How about Howard Schultz for President and Jay Inslee as his Veep?

Here's how I put it together.

What do we know about Governor Inslee?  He wants higher office and to get there plans to run on his single minded issue of "Climate Change."

That may not be enough to win on it's own because a lot of people don't experience the personal effects of climate change, BUT if he can align himself with someone who can truly bring home the impact of climate change on our everyday know, something like, like coffee, well now you have a campaign!

What if there was a guy, who was filthy rich, like a billionaire, who was also the coffee connection for millions of Americans each and everyday. Somebody like Starbuck's founder Howard Schultz.  And what if his personal fortune and the availability of that liquid get-up-and-go so important to millions of Americans were both tied to changes in the climate?

He would certainly have the money to run on his own like Trump and his number two would have the issue that was critical to both Schultz's fortune and America's future successful morning wake ups.  (We all  know, plenty of those "don't talk to me until I've had my coffee" types.)

Here's what puts them together.  New findings published in the journal Science Advances shows that some of the most popular commercial coffees, including Arabica and Robusta, could soon be gone due to increasing droughts and the spread of fungal pathogens because of rising global temperatures.  (Aha! Global Warming i.e. climate change!)  The study specifically found that of 75 coffee species that are currently threatened with extinction, 13 of them are listed as "critically endangered."

SO there you have it.  Coffee icon Schultz runs on a platform of "saving America's next Cup of Joe and he puts Inslee in charge of fixing the climate to accomplish the mission.

Inslee gets to wrestle with his favorite subject.  Schultz gets to stay in business and runs for President and in doing so, he serendipitously helps keep the reins on the far left.  (He has said he may run as an Independent because he's not a fan of the extreme left leaning crop of new young Democrats)

An Independent run makes Democrats nervous. Think Ross Perot.


The Independent reported on Friday, Washington State Democratic party chair Tina Podlodowski issued a statement calling on Schultz to abandon any presidential ambition.  “I have two words for Howard Schultz on a potential run for president as an independent: Just. Don’t,” she said in a statement. “Too much is at stake to make this about the ambitions of any one person.”

I suggest they get together for a cup of coffee and talk about it.

And here's why. Such a dream team effort ties up Inslee which is good for the rest of us in Washington State, it puts Schultz's money in play in a way that doesn't help democrat candidates who actually have a chance to win, an Independent run helps divide the Democrat vote, AND it draws attention to developing a reasonable Plan B for climate resistent coffee to insure future coffee supplies. It's a win, win, win to enable conservatives to have their coffee and drink it too!  Thoughts>


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