State Representative Tom Dent (R) of Moses Lake was our political guest today on The Morning News.  We appreciate his sense of humor, his work ethic and common sense.  One of our subsequent callers took a moment to say Dent is one of the very best lawmakers in the state of Washington.  Now that's what you like to hear from your constituents!

What you don't like to hear from the Democrat majority is that a capital gains tax is in the pipeline and Rep. Dent calls it a waste of the State's time and resources.  Dent sees an instant lawsuit if such a measure gets to the Governor's desk.  But that doesn't mean it still won't happen, because as Representative Dent says, for the State's Democrats, there never will be enough money.

Another tax fight is the carbon fuel tax.  It's moved out of the House and the Senate is chewing on it now. Dent says it won't have the environmental impact they say they want and it will be another new bureaucracy collecting taxes and picking winners and losers and negatively affecting most of the rest of us in the state.

Dent is a strong supporter of law enforcement and he says he will always have their back.  He sees legislative attempts to trim equipment and techniques from the police as silly and dangerous.  Here's what Representative Tom Dent had to say...


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