Against the wishes of thousands of parents from across the state, Washington's Democrat legislators passed Senate Bill 5395 mandating a sex-education curriculum for the state's K-12 students.  In fact, the bill passed both chambers with only Democratic votes.The Governor signed it into law and almost immediately opposition formed to have it repealed by voters

The Spokesman-Review newspaper put it this way, "Despite stay-home orders and restrictions on gathering required by the COVID-19 pandemic, supporters of an effort to repeal a new law on comprehensive sexual education programs in state schools gathered a record-number of signatures to put it on the November ballot. And they did it strictly with volunteers, their biggest expense in postage to mail out petitions rather than paying signature gatherers."

Earlier this week the group called Parents for Safe Schools delivered more than 266,000 signatures to the Washington secretary of state’s office, an amount more than double the number required.


Republican candidate for Governor Joushua Freed was a co-sponsor of the bill and he was a guest on KIT's Morning News program to herald the success and give and update on his campaign.


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