Dearly Beloved, try this. Look at your wedding photos from back in the day whenever that was.  Now look at your parents wedding photos from their day and see if you see what some European researchers saw when the conducted an interesting study.
American Quartet had a "hit" back in 1911 with a song about a young man who wanted a girl, just like the girl, that married dear old dad.  The turn of the century harmonizers were just a century or so ahead of their time!

A new study has found that people with happy childhoods tend to seek long-term partners that looks like their parents. Researchers looked at the relationships of almost 1,900 heterosexual adults comparing each partner’s eye and hair color with those of their parents. They found that typically, men date women with the eye and hair color of their mothers and women tend to date men who share the same physical traits as their dads -- providing that he was in her life during her childhood.  I guess we like best what we know best.  (Daily Mail)

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