I was looking around on line the other day when i found this article called "5 Communication Mistakes That Kill Relationships."
The main points you can probably guess. It's amazing how much we know to do but don't do!

  1. Not asking unique, personal questions.
  2. Not stating the obvious.
  3. Not communicating a problem or harsh truth.
  4. Not communicating at all (or being passive aggressive).
  5. Not listening and empathizing.

So we know poor communication can kill a relationship but did you know that a new study shows it can kill us or our partner!

The Daily Mail reports that British researchers looked at about 1,000 adults who had a spouse or lived with their partner, assessing them over a 20-year period for a connection between stress and communication.

The data showed people who didn't respond well to everyday stress were the same people who felt their partner had become less caring over a 10-year period. Those who felt their partner had become less responsive ended up with a 42 percent higher risk of dying within 20 years of the study.

And here is the connection to communication: Scientists say this inability to deal with stress could be caused by their partner not listening to them, which is a key component of good communication.

The American Psychological Association says chronic stress is linked with the six leading causes of death -- heart disease, cancer, lung ailments, accidents, cirrhosis of the liver and suicide. One way to work through all that killer stress? Talk about it with your partner!

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