Slow movements, deep breathing, peace and serenity - now that's an image of yoga shared by most of us.

But now there is something new on the zen horizon that might be a little louder path to inner peace!  It's called "Rage Yoga" and it could be my new thing.
According to Health on line ,  Rage Yoga Lindsay Istace,  "It's meant to be a different approach to yoga for those who find their peaceful center in a different way...involving a little bit of extra chaos and a sense of humor." It incorporates traditional yoga postures and breathing with alternative principles-- such as war cries, heavy metal guitar riffs, f-bombs, and even booze."
Put that in your 'ahhhhmmmmm" and smoke it!
The nature of the class, the Intensity and difficulty will vary based on the instructor but a couple of things you can expect are an awesome soundtrack, the opportunity for some emotional release, and to walk out feeling a little more "aggressively-empowered".





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